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It is evident that organizations are evolving and so are their workplaces. Some vehemently support the open-offices while others swear by traditional closed-workplaces. Read the Complete Story Here


Your workspace speaks volume when designed & executed in the best way; the kind of interiors reflects a lot of information about you. The design of your workspace subconsciously affects the mood and productivity of your employees as well the clients visiting your company. Read the Complete Story Here


So, how do you design an office for a business that has a global presence and nationwide footprint? It has to have aesthetic appeal along with functional value to make the work environment reach its maximum potential. That’s what made the TNS Global a demanding as well as rewarding project.  Read the Complete Story Here


SKV (Studiokon Ventures) is a ISO Certified leading ‘Fit-out’ and ‘Refurbishment’ specialist committed to delivering high-quality interior fit outs. Our team is dedicated to creating and executing outstanding interior works for Commercial, Retail, Hospitality, Healthcare, Educational Institutions and Residential spaces. Read the Complete Story Here:


Your bosses are watching you

UNDER THE SCANNER an open office can be both productive and collaborative if built intelligently. The right balance of private and open spaces is a must.

The walls are down, boss is keeping an eye on you, colleagues are exchanging ideas across the table and more than one pair of eyes are judging your 5 pm departure from office — does that sound familiar ?

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The proliferation of technology and the Internet has reduced entry barriers for starting up to a great extent. Unicorns like Flipkart, Ola, Snapdeal, and Paytm may have all had humble beginnings, but in a short span, they created new markets, which were fairly unknown to us. Weeding out inefficiency and disrupting a segment with high entry barriers become more challenging for a newbie in the trade.

However, true conviction and a positive attitude can help you beat all the odds. This is the key takeaway after one has engaged in a conversation with 34-year-old Tushar Mittal, who founded Studiokon Ventures (SKV) in 2009.

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