Enjoy the Peace of Mind

The approach of SKV is aimed at improving the efficiency of our clients’ offices, revolutionising their work environments, and revamping their brands. Our professionals guide our clients that will help them avoid mistakes, take complete control of their projects, and enjoy absolute peace of mind.

Our constant monitoring at every step of the project keeps a check on:

  • Time
  • Quality
  • Procurement
  • Communication
  • Cost
  • Risks

The SKV approach includes:

  • Discussing the requirements of the project with clients.
  • Walking the clients through the design process for a better understanding of the project
  • Preparing a programme
  • Carrying out inspections to manage time, quality, cost, and risks
  • Have a steady communication with vendors, suppliers, and clients
  • Reviewing the project deliverables before handover
  • Providing post project assistance to fix pending issues