Can Workplace Optimization work for you?

Workplace optimization is no new word to the modern corporate world. Shrinking space, innovative interiors, techno-friendly office, everything is changing. And a dynamic business that evolves, experiments and changes with time is most likely to success. With the increase in work potential and real estate price, startups and established companies are now making “Workplace Optimization” […]

Does bad office design mean low work productivity?

Offices are the most used spaces and we spend an average one-third of our lives at the offices. As an employer, everyone wants to recruit top talents in their workspace to increase the work productivity. But there are times when we struggle to keep up with work productivity. Is it because of bad office design? […]

Creating a Great Office on a Budget

Surroundings influence moods. This is as much true for professional life as it is for personal one. A messy house is an instant turn off whereas a tidy home is an inviting view. Similarly, work environments affect the moods and health of the occupants. The importance of a great workplace cannot be ignored. The work […]

Better Offices = Outstanding Results

Well, let’s be honest. The word “office” doesn’t present a pretty picture. Who wants to be indoors in a cubicle farm under artificial lights for more than 8 hours a day? It can get stagnant, uninspiring and downright boring! Such dull working environments can surely dampen the spirits of employees, greatly affecting their productivity. Work-related […]

Designing an Office? Keep Employees in Mind!

What would happen if a quiet-lover is asked to work in a noisy place or an extrovert is forced into an isolated area of an office? Do you think they would be productive or happy in such working conditions? Your guess is as good as ours! Workforce includes people with different personalities and temperaments, from […]

Modern Offices: It’s not what you think!

From Google to General Motors, everybody is now shifting to the modern office concepts where they have proved that unconventional office environments are necessary to attract the young talents! Modern offices have changed a lot and so is the work culture. Offices are “more than home” home to employees now. Apart from Google and Facebook, […]

Making Office Techno-friendly Is a Zing Thing!

It’s impossible for humans to stay away from technology today. Technology touches everywhere! And so likely are the workplaces. Modern workplaces have now emerged from those small cubicles to a lively, and user-friendly space. If you want to keep the thumbs up with your employees and attracts new talents to your company, make sure your […]

Make in India – Rolling Out the Red Carpet for Businesses

There is an interesting and witty observation that goes something like this – “God made everything that has life, the rest of the things were made in China”. Enough said! From pins and toys to gadgets and household goods, most things that are used in the US are made in China. This once communist/socialist country […]

Why should you convert your office into a Dynamic Workstation

Office or the workstations are no more a jail to employees. Modern offices are now evolving and changing fast, according to the work they offer. It does not matter whether you have an office or going to build a new one, what matters is to improve the work atmosphere. Colors, lights, interiors, desks, everything matters! […]

Ergonomics and Modern Office Designs Go Hand-in-Hand

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), a US federal agency, around 1.8 million workers are affected by Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI) every year. The injuries cost about $20 billion to the US economy in a year. RSI is a musculoskeletal and nervous system injury caused typically due to repetitive tasks. Any job […]