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Ergonomics and Modern Office Designs Go Hand-in-Hand

Office Refurbishment

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), a US federal agency, around 1.8 million workers are affected by Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI) every year. The injuries cost about $20 billion to the US economy in a year. RSI is a musculoskeletal and nervous system injury caused typically due to repetitive tasks. Any job

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Why Startups Need Amazing Offices

Corporate Interior

Most people might argue that some of the best companies today were born in basic garages or simple dorms. And that can’t be refuted. However, the importance of suitable offices for startups can’t be ignored. Unfortunately, the design and layout of workplaces are put on the back burner in the pursuit of higher goals. Coffee

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Does Office Look Impact Employee?

Interior Design Firms

The relationship between the office environment and productivity is not new now. There have been many types of research conducted on this one and you can't deny the fact that the office looks heavily impact the employees. And what we mean here by office look is including the colors, sounds, walls, papers, temperature, lightings and everything that is

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The Problem with Open­-Concept Offices

Best Interior Design Company

Google has it! Facebook has it! GlaxoSmithKline has it! Huffington Post has it! Yahoo has it! American Express has it! Looks like some of the major organizations has open­-concept offices. So, is it a good idea to bid “goodbye” to cubicles and say “hello” to long, shared tables? Not so soon! Open offices were started on a

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Office Fit Out: All You Need To Know

Commercial Interior

Office Fit Out is not a new word. Many of you might be aware of it and many  might be having few hints. If you’re thinking about a new office or something about redesigning your office, then it’s time to know about “Office Fit Out”. Is your office really ‘fit’ for “Fit Out”? Is it

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Can You Make Your Office Eco-Friendly?

Office Cabin Interior

You know that everyone around you is supporting “Go Green” mantra. And it has nothing do with the color. You may have researched a lot on how to make your office eco-friendly. Some say use less printer, but what if your company is the one who earns money by printing only? Some would say use

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Office Entryway (Can it be a red carpet for your visitors?)

Best Office Interior Design

Okay, you know that all your important meetings are done behind those closed doors. But that does not mean other areas of your office are ignored by your clients. We always love “first impression” game, don’t we? Then, why not transform your first impression aka Office Entryway (or you can say reception) into a ‘magnificent

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Checklist To Make Before Relocating The Office

Office Relocation Services

Whether it’s merging office with another division or simply relocating it another space, changing or moving your workspace can really bring effective changes. The changes that come can be good, bad or mix of both. Relocating can give you an opportunity to start fresh. But to ensure that you handle office relocation smoothly, don’t forget

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