Business Sectors

Corporate Space

Fixing few lights, arranging chairs in the meeting rooms, installing cables and connections, are not enough to make your office look like a stellar place. You need a global level Interior Design team like SKV to let your office emblazon your vision. From corporate infrastructure to on-site worker’s safety, SKV can help you get one of the best corporate offices, without a snag. Backed by more than 100 flamboyant workspaces, you can say that SKV is the apt pick.

Retail & Hospitality Space

Be it a classy five-star hotel or a boutique in a swanky mall, SKV can fix up any desired look in no time. With a vast talent pool, appropriate tools and time, SKV can switch any place ina sassy, urban, comfy, old-school or chic space. We understand how the silhouette of your space reflects on your social and digital image.


Working within the healthcare sector requires an understanding of its operation. Experience, expertise and a sensible approach to patients, residents, and carers are the necessary prerequisites to become a successful contractor in this industry. SKV has worked in the healthcare industry, providing exceptional quality and has an excellent understanding of the challenges faced in such locations.
Having worked with Fortis, we appreciate the need for safety, security, professionalism and flexibility to ensure little or no disruption is caused to patients while work is going on.SKV offers services from the Fit-out of a new healthcare property or Refurbishment of an existing ward to small alterations or the elevation of a specific area.


Boiler, pipes, plastic, metals, these things together can create a dithered look. But the world does not end here! Even places like manufacturing units can look prudent, neat and stylish. SKV’s dedicated team can help you get rid of that monotonous look and convert it into a place where safety and style meet at its best. All your key workers like craftsmen, workers, engineers, work in this part. Hence, we make sure that our designs are discreet, flexible and safe so that they enjoy working in the fresh environment