Designing the interiors of Jubilant Food Works (JFL) was one of the most challenging as well as enriching projects for SKV. It was challenging as we needed to keep the interiors true to the playful and youthful brand identity of the business, and it was enriching because of the learning experience.

This big-ticket project with a budget of 10.3 cr. was delivered in an impressive 90-day period, from October 2015 until December 2015. We did give ourselves a pat on the back for achieving this remarkable feat.

In all honesty, we had our apprehensions about this Noida-based new client. However, these jitters were soon overcome once the project picked up steam. And, our commitment to high quality and on-time delivery helped us meet the client’s expectations.

The best workforce was employed to create a work environment that speaks volumes about Jubilant Food Works. Our 32-member team comprised of experienced managers, engineers and various vendors. The most challenging part faced by our experts was to create a detailed design concept that would suit the client’s needs. After an energized brainstorming session, detailed design and execution strategies were determined. The project gave our team an opportunity to learn to build world-class working environments without impacting the environment.

From concept to completion, we were able to demonstrate our delivery capabilities. The passionate and dedicated team of SKV finally brought together all the elements to deliver an office that is not just aesthetically-pleasing but also employee-friendly. Thus, ensuring that better working environment will enhance the employee productivity for Jubilant Food Work.


April 7, 2016